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Wednesday, 23. April 2014

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2016 Contender World Championships
Geschrieben von Simon Leung   
Thursday, 30. January 2014
Download 2016 Worlds Presentation here .


2016 Contender World Championship 




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The 2013 Contender Canadian Championships
Geschrieben von Simon Leung   
Tuesday, 31. December 2013

Link to Cork Result:  http://www.cork.org/past-results/results2013/OD/CTDTBL.HTM

 Contender sailors from Quebec, New Hampshire, Ohio and Ontario gathered at Kingston for three days in August for a very well run regatta.


 Live Free or Die representative Larry Christian took the first race in Friday’s unusual “frawg pond” conditions, light and shifty from the northeast. 

Challenged by Mike and Roger on the last, downwind leg, Larry felt both were rolling unnaturally and told them so.  It’s certainly a moral challenge

to refrain from inducing rolling, which is illegal and fast, and which both of our international coaches, Soren Andreasen and Christophe Engel,

drilled us in doing because it is so fast, while still allowing the boat to roll naturally to the extent it will, which is legal, and faster than preventing

the boat from rolling.  Absent a jury boat, it’s a matter of conscience and judgement.


The next two races on “frawg pond Friday” saw many changes of position due to the shiftiness and patchiness of the breeze.   At the end of the

day most of the fleet were quite bunched together on points.


Saturday morning began very still, with the barest of breeze from the SSW and the postponement flag draped from the flagpole.  Josh and Stephanie

were convinced that this meant it was a day for paintball, but the veteran PRO knew better and sent us out as soon as the SW thermal began to build. 

Conditions on the course were steady and moderate, perfect for “Smoothman Smits”, and he put up a couple of bullets, closing the gap on the

then-leader, Roger.  A weld on Stephanie’s trapeze harness broke during the first race, which made for an aggravating DNF, DNS, DNS for the

day – paintball would have been better. 


The thermal came in earlier for the last two races on Sunday, steady and moderate.  The Smoothman put up two more bullets.  Stephanie found a

harness somewhere and put up a very pesky and impressive 2, 4, while Roger managed to hang on to the lead with a less than smooth but

nonetheless sufficient 3, 2.


Great venue, great company, excellent RC.  We’ll be back. 


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The 2013 Contender/505 Regatta
Geschrieben von Simon Leung   
Wednesday, 25. December 2013

Once again, the end of September meant it was time for several 505s and Contenders to gather at the Outer Harbour Centreboard Club to enjoy the end of the summer (which pretty much phoned in its appearance this year). Maybe in order to make up for such a louse performance, Mother Nature kept things a bit warmer through September (except for the week when the International 14s were in town for their worlds – it felt like summer – for the Brits. 15 degrees, raining, and lacking in wind).

Day 1 of the two day regatta was what many hope for – a steady-ish 10-12 knots coming from the East, which meant a nice two to three foot swell that made downwinds fast. Mike Smits owned the day (except for an inopportune dump right at the start of the first race), while others got owned. Fleet stalwart Frank Whittington went hull to hull with the RC boat, and got sucker punched by the swim platform, leaving a hole in his boat (and a bigger one in his heart). Peter Hale, on some serious performance enhancing drugs (robaxacet and advil), felt super human enough to escort Frank home, missing three of the five races for the day.  A couple of sailors chartering contenders also decided to see how cold the lake water was. One of them, Raines Koby, didn’t believe what he was feeling the first time, so went in twice more to make sure.  Hopefully the hot steak he consumed for dinner warmed him up, and the beer made him forget his performance.

Day 2 of the regatta returned us to our regularly scheduled programming of 4-5 knots of Southerly breeze. Three races were held, and Mike obviously felt the need to cut the 2013 Canadian champion, Roger Martin, some slack….but he cut him too much, and with much better results, Roger managed to win the series. Raines again confirmed that the water was cold.

Many thanks to the numerous volunteers who came out to help, and to our PRO, Steve Goode. Here’s to next year and hopefully two days of breeze!




  Skipper  Sail # Race1 Race 2 Race 3 Race 4 Race 5 Race 6 Race 7 Race 8 Total Net (1 drop)
1 Roger Martin 2399 1 2 2 2 DNS 1 1 1 23 10
2 Mike Schmidt 2395 4 1 1 1 1 3 3 4 18 14
3 Kevin Smith 2397 5 3 DNF 4 3 2 4 3 37 24
4 Stephanie Mah 2525 3 4 3 5 2 5 5 5 32 27
5 Raines Koby 2428 7 7 4 7 5 4 2 2 38 31
6 Don Haddow 2227 6 5 5 8 6 6 6 6 48 40
7 Bernie Bieber 81 10 6 7 6 7 7 7 7 57 47
8 Marc de Niverville 25371 11 8 6 9 8 8 8 8 66 55
9 Peter Hale 2537 2 DNS DNS 3 4 DNS DNS DNS 74 61
10 Charles Wakefield 473 DNS DNS DNS DNS DNS DNS 9 9 96 83
11 Frank Whittington 1599 8 DNS DNS DNS DNS DNS DNS DNS 99 86
12 Rick Needham 2372 9 DNS DNS DNS DNS DNS DNS DNS 100 87
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