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Thursday, 18. September 2014

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Triple Trailer
Geschrieben von Simon Leung   
Friday, 15. August 2014

Many thanks to Roger Martin

The NA Contender Class owes a great debt to Roger Martin, who missed many sailing opportunities to instead put together a pretty spectacular
new triple trailer. 

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2014 Canadian Contender Championships Report
Geschrieben von Simon Leung   
Sunday, 1. June 2014

The Americans: stealing our trophies (and fresh water)

This year, the Contender fleet skipped out on Kingston (which hasn't been delivering the thermal for the past few years) and opted to hold the 2014 Canadian Championships on the rocky shores of Georgian Bay, a pristine body of fresh water about three hours outside of Toronto.

Raines Koby, the PRO, main organizer, awesome Albacore sailor, and owner of a Georgian Bay cottage, had always dreamed of holding a regatta in his summer neighborhood, as it was unspoilt, unbusy, and windy. Unfortunately, while the first two held true, the wind decided to crap out, and in the stillness of the weekend air, it was easy to hear the locals uttering that infamous line always heard at regattas "it's never like this here".

In wind of 3-7 knots (with the 7 knots tightly hugging the rocky south shore), it was a challenging two days for all 15 of the sailors, who trekked all the way up from California, Florida, Ohio, and New Hampshire. Demonstrating that he's not intimidated by wacky Canadian accents, Ethan Bixby came out on top, with Torontonian Mike Smits scoring a couple of bullets.

Many thanks to the sailors, in particular all the American ones, who made the journey here. Even more thanks to the army of volunteers who helped to house and (over) feed everyone - including Roger Martin and Raines' much better halves. Hopefully everyone made it home safely (especially the inestimable Gil Woolley, with his trunk full of fresh Canuck water). 

And I would also like to take a moment to acknowledge the various animals that met their ends during this regatta, including the porcupine (there were worse ways to go than under the wheels of Rick's brand new cherry red mustang), the hornets at Julie Rice's house (they put up such a good fight that an entire can of hornet spray had to be used), the spiders in Stephanie's boat (I would have left you alone but you crossed the line when one of you crawled on my face), and the mosquitoes (you ALL DESERVED TO BE SQUISHED WITH EXTREME PREJUDICE).
 More photos:


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2016 Contender World Championships
Geschrieben von Simon Leung   
Thursday, 30. January 2014
Download 2016 Worlds Presentation here .


2016 Contender World Championship 




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