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Monday, 31. August 2015

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2015 International Contender Canadian Championship
Geschrieben von Simon Leung   
Sunday, 9. August 2015

International 5O5 Eastern Canadian Championship / International Contender Canadian Championship

Outer Harbour Centreboard Club

14 Regatta Road, Toronto, Ontario, Canada

26th-27th September 2015

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Contender Midwinters 2015 Report
Geschrieben von Simon Leung   
Tuesday, 3. March 2015

Contender Midwinters 2015



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 The 2015 Contender Midwinters: 50 Shades of Grey and a Harry A

Ethan Bixby, fresh from a week of 505 training and their Midwinters (which was apparently a tale of two winds – gale and non-existent), once again organized another Contender Midwinters, this time at the Clearwater Community Sailing Centre. Not enough can be said about this amazing venue, which provides a beach launch into a sheltered bay, and with a quick left turn and a short sail under a causeway, you're into the rolling waters of the Gulf of Mexico. Membership at this club - a steal at $400 - provides unlimited access to a range of boats (hobies/420s/optis/2.4) and stand up paddle boards. And then there are the staff, who are some of the most enthusiastic and welcoming folks we’ve ever met (be sure to ask Ian about his Dragon bowline).  


As the regatta date approached, Mother nature, clearly pissed off, did everything in her power to prevent people from making it to Clearwater. Those travelling from the freezer-formerly-known-as-Toronto drove through an intense winter storm that brought snow, sleet, rain, and ice and transformed the rolling mountains of Virginia into horrifying luge tracks littered with spun out cars and trucks. But they arrived safely, which sadly was not the outcome for the poor New Hampshire sailor who instead spent the week ensuring his roof didn’t collapse under the neverending snow.


After a day of training in the gulf in some intense fog and lightish to moderate breeze, day one of the regatta opened with a light NNW breeze and a lot of, surprise, fog, so the decision was made to race in the bay to avoid vestas-ing. But as the day progressed, the breeze did as it was forecast to do and built while clocking to the SW. The Race Committee, headed up by veteran PRO (and  former Contender owner) Dave Ellis managed to bang off six (!) races before everyone was called in, and just in time as the bay started to honk like a foie gras bound goose. Ethan demonstrated how having spreaders slows you down by scoring five bullets. The intense overnight storm with strong SW breezes was replaced with a gusty and chilly NW the next morning, meaning that on the second day of racing, the gulf of Mexico was more confused than people were over the colour of that really ugly dress that was making the rounds at the same time on the internet. Again, the fantastic RC managed to keep the anchors and their lunches down in the 4-6 foot swell, and pulled off three races, including a "Harry Anderson" (the first lap is basically a "4", then a windward/leeward - ensuring a very tight reach). On the final day of racing, the skies were grey with a moderate NNE breeze, and racing was completed in flat water in the bay. Sadly, Ethan had to bow out due to an injury, but Roger and Mike traded blows at the front of the fleet as Roger finally, as Dave Ellis put it, remembered how to sail. Unfortunately, it wasn't enough to catch Mike, who won the regatta! 

Thanks again to all of the RC volunteers and the good people at CCSC. We will definitely be back!



Clearwater Community Sailing Center 

2015 International Contender Midwinters

February 25-27, 2015

Series Summary

Pl Sail #Skipper T 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9101112
 1 CAN2397Mike Smit24  2(4)  4 2 4 2 2 3 1 1 2
 2 USA2535Ethan Bixby33 (10\DNC)10\DNC10\DNC
 3 CAN2399Roger Martin36526(7) 
 4 CAN2585Peter Hale 45 (7) 
 5 USA1771Peter White 48 (8) 
 6 CAN2525Stephanie Mah 49 (10\DNS) 
 7 USA1114Jerry White 64 (7) 
 8 USA2117Gil Wooley91 (10\DNC) 10\DNC 10\DNC 10\DNC 10\DNC  10\DNC  8
 9 CAN2227Don Haddo 95 (10\DNF) 10\DNF 10\DNF 10\DNC 10\DN 

R.C.Chair: Dave Ellis




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Wednesday, 3. December 2014


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